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  1. Beware the Office Vending Machine

    Beware the Office Vending Machine
    There's a place for vending machines. In hotel lobbies, for example, at airports and railway stations, or in the draughty halls of a college dormitory. But do they belong in the office? Continue reading →
  2. 4 Strategies for Dealing with a Micromanager

    4 Strategies for Dealing with a Micromanager
    For a lot of employees, dealing with a micromanager is one of the most frustrating issues they face in the workplace, often on a daily basis. Micromanaging is a leadership style that involves intense oversight, and can often come across as a lack of trust. And while a short period of scrutiny and close mentoring is acceptable, especially if you've just started a new job, micromanaging over extended periods can have a seriously negative impact on your performance and motivation. But before we can answer the question of how you can deal with a micromanager, we should first look at what the term 'micromanager' really means. Continue reading →
  3. Choosing a Business Laptop in 2020

    Choosing a Business Laptop in 2020
    Choosing a new business laptop can be a tricky decision. Laptops are not as flexible as desktops PCs, so once you’ve made your choice, you’re stuck with it. Laptops don't allow for many adaptations; they may not perform as well as you expected, there may not be enough ports, or the keyboard just isn’t comfortable. It’s not possible to just change the things you don’t like as you can with a desktop. You can upgrade the RAM or change the screen, but customisation options are limited. Continue reading →

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