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  1. How Paypal Became the King of Online Payments

    How Paypal Became the King of Online Payments
    For most of our history, we humans have used some form of trinket to pay for goods and services. Seashells, beads, then later coins of gold and silver were the currencies we used to transfer value. Which back then was fine. But today, not so much. Almost all of us have sent or received money online, especially if we're involved in business transactions. And chances are we've used Paypal to do it. Paypal isn't the only online payment method out there, but it is by far the biggest and most popular. So how did Paypal become the king of online payments? The answer to that question takes us all the way back to the year 1998. Continue reading →
  2. Who Needs an Office?

    Who Needs an Office?
    Alternative Workspaces for Today's Freelances   Not that long ago, freelancers and other “office-less” professionals had few choices when it came to working space. These days, however, the situation has changed. Thanks to the dramatic growth in the number of workers who identify themselves as freelancers, office alternatives are on the rise. Continue reading →

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