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  1. 6 Tips to Combat Loneliness While Working From Home

    6 Tips to Combat Loneliness While Working From Home
    Many of us who work from home will at some point in our careers have experienced an odd feeling of loneliness. Social media and texting just doesn't fill the void we feel when we yearn for connection and casual facetime with other people. Talking to clients and the guy or gal who delivers our office supplies can be nice, but it's not enough to counteract the feeling of being 'out of sync' with the community which surrounds us. And it's not uncommon to find that the only communication we have with the outside world is writing and answering emails. If you're someone who feels oddly lonely with all the freedom of working from home, this article is for you. Continue reading →
  2. Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

    Why Your Small Business Needs a Website
    Let's face it, if you run a small business then you have no excuse for not having your own website. Along with a Facebook Page, a Twitter and LinkedIn account and possibly a YouTube Channel, setting up a website dedicated to your business is the very least you can do to drive new prospects your way. But a website can do a lot more than help create fresh business opportunities and find new clients and customers. It can turn your business into a brand, increase your online presence and even establish you as a leader in your chosen field. And the best part is, building your own website has never been easier. Here's how: Continue reading →

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