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  1. 10 Things To Avoid at this Year’s Halloween Office Party

    10 Things To Avoid at this Year’s Halloween Office Party
      Halloween is rapidly approaching, and we all know what that means: Scary stuff. Horror films. Haunted houses and that feeling in our bellies when we've eaten too many sticky treats. Amongst the myriad things that can scare us this Halloween season (yup, Halloween is officially a season), planning a Halloween office party is probably the scariest. Knowing exactly how to do it can be a real challenge. So, while there are many ways to celebrate the creepy festivities at work, here are 10 things to avoid if we want it to be a success: Continue reading →
  2. Clerkenwell Office Trends for 2017

    Clerkenwell Office Trends for 2017
    When it comes to Office design, Clerkenwell in the Borough of Islington has created quite a reputation for itself. With more architects and creative businesses per square mile than anywhere else on the planet the area in central London has become a major hub in the design world. In May of this year the Clerkenwell Design Week came to a close and here are some of the trend setting ideas we garnered from the exhibition that could be a huge influence on your future office design. Continue reading →
  3. How to Choose The Right Desk for Your Office

    How to Choose The Right Desk for Your Office
    Choosing the right desk for your office isn't always easy. It depends a lot on how much space is available and how it will be used. But your new office desk is also about you. It is your home base and  your work space, but it can also be an expression of your private domain. Which is why you should take all of your work preferences and habits into consideration and ask yourself a few questions before you part with your hard earned cash for a new one. Continue reading →

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